The Sharehouse "Price Is Right" Garage Sale!

When: Saturday, May 14, 2005
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Where: The Sharehouse Warehouse
5706 2nd Ave S.
Seattle, WA

The "Price Is Right" Garage Sale is a new way to help The Sharehouse!

Some of our donations include items such as antiques and other fine furniture that would benefit more people if we could sell them and use the funds to support our services.  Finally we have a way to make that happen!

You may designate some or all of your donation of fine furniture or other items for us to sell at The  Sharehouse “Price is Right” Garage Sale on May 14.  You’ll receive the same tax-deductible donation receipt and the knowledge that your gift helped The Sharehouse serve more new households. 

Following are some suggestions of items we'd love to have for the “Price is Right” Garage Sale:

  • Antique or fine furniture (oak dining tables and chairs, bedroom sets!)
  • Collectibles (items from the 40's and 50's are really hot now!)
  • China or silver sets (Fiesta ware, Bakelite items!)
  • Art objects
  • Jewelry
  • One-of-a-kind, unique, or rare objects of all kinds!

We're hoping for items that will sell for $25 and up. If you’d like to donate items for this event, please call us at 206-767-5280. (If you don’t want us to sell any of your donation, please tell us that, too – we’re happy to oblige.) 

The Sharehouse sells less than 3% of the items it receives from individuals.  All proceeds go to our general operating fund to keep our truck on the road and our warehouse open serving new households.

Our hats are off to 12th & Madison Self Storage for their donation of storage space for this big event! Their generous support is key to planning and making this a successful event!

"The Price Is Right" Garage Sale is our first big fund raising event! Mark your calendars now!