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The Sharehouse is a program of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency. The program does not advocate for religious beliefs or practices, nor does it restrict program participation on the basis of religion.

Chair-Ity Auction Fund Raiser

The Sharehouse held its first annual Chair-Ity Auction Fund Raiser on May 19, 2006. Everyone who attended the party at the Mountaineers Club had a BLAST!

The featured event was an auction of chairs from our warehouse that had been redecorated by local artists. Each chair was designed and decorated to be a unique, one-of-a-kind creation.

Former Governor Mike Lowry had a grand time as Auctioneer, and party attendees really got into the spirit of the bidding.

Check out the photos of the chairs and be amazed at the range of expression from local artists in transforming chairs from our warehouse.

Denizen of Rose Lake by Esther Ervin

The Irony of Patriotism by Justin Ezell

Loving Kindness by Karen Ford

Isn't She Lovely by Pamela Gladney

A Very, Very, Very Fine Chair, The Homelessness Project

Still Life with Chair, Tess Morgan

Easter Sunday, 1958 by Michal Nortness

The Coco Chair by Christian Ursino

Green Silk by Liza vonRosenstiel

The Treaty Chair by Jerry Wade

The Comfy Chair by Claire Wilkinson

The Gardener by Janet and Larry Leet

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