What does The Sharehouse do?

The Sharehouse receives and picks up still-useful furniture, beds, bed linens, dishes, small appliances, pots and pans, personal hygiene products — nearly anything a person or family needs to set up a new home. We then distribute those donated items to families and individuals who are re-establishing a household after a period of homelessness.

Moving a family or individual into an empty apartment after a period of homelessness does not take them very far from homelessness. Our program makes it possible for clients to establish a safe and secure new household, while also helping restore their dignity and self-sufficiency.

How do people qualify for help from The Sharehouse?

The services of the Sharehouse are available to anyone who is transitioning from homelessness into housing AND is a client of one of our nearly 60 Member Agencies/Programs throughout King County. We are unable to accept referrals or walk-ins.

Does my agency qualify to participate in this program?

If your agency serves people who have been homeless, please call us at 206/767.5280 to find out about Sharehouse membership.

Are bedbugs a problem?

Bedbugs are a growing problem throughout the USA. The Sharehouse is committed to being part of the solution. Our entire warehouse is inspected EVERY week for bedbugs. Any questionable items are treated and quarantined for a second inspection or disposed of immediately. We hope everyone will be part of the solution by not passing on items they know to be infested.

Do you pick up items?

Yes. Currently The Sharehouse picks up items if they include large furniture and are within the city limits of Seattle, Shoreline, Lake Forest Park and Mercer Island. To offset our costs, we do require a monetary donation. You may self-select from a sliding scale starting at $25 (less than a trip to the dump!). Call for more info and to schedule as far in advance as possible (we typically need at least 2 weeks notice).

I live outside King County. Can you pick up here?

No. Please call 211 and ask for organizations that pick up donations.

What about condition? Are there guidelines for furniture and other goods?

All items MUST be clean and in good working condition. Because we do not have the resources to repair or clean items, we are unable to accept any item which is stained, torn, not working, or missing pieces. For lists of what we can and cannot accept, please see What We Take. If you have an item that is not listed or any other questions, please contact us at 206.767.5280 or [email protected].

Do you take clothing, food, building supplies, or large appliances?

No, we are unable to accept these items.

Will you resell my items?

More than 97% of the items we receive go directly to our recipients completely free of charge. Occasionally an item comes in that will benefit far more recipients if we can sell it at a fundraising event. You always have a choice about how we use your item.

Do businesses support The Sharehouse?

Yes, to learn more about our business supporters, see About The Sharehouse. For information on how your business can help The Sharehouse turn housing into homes, please contact us at 206.767.5280 or [email protected].