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Donation of the Month

"Are you trying to save money on rent by being less choosy? Live somewhere where the walls are made of plaster and every flush of your neighbor's toilet has you planning a tsunami evacuation route? Do you live so near I-5 that our King County news stations are in bidding wars to buy half of your living room in order to film live shots of traffic back-ups from your apartment windows? Tired of sunny optimists telling you to pretend you're listening to the sounds of the ocean? Perhaps you just don't have much of an imagination, but never fear! You can still create that ocean ambiance for yourself and your guests by carefully selecting your household accessories.

Take a look, for example, at this seashell. No, not just any seashell! Look again! Presto change-o! You've been fooled. What first appeared to be a descendant of the mysterious, giant hermit crab is actually a well-crafted disguise for your ordinary toilet brush. Your bathroom guests will think they've opened a portal to the Washington coast, not the door to your bathroom! Will you be able to to get the aforementioned "natural" sounds of your apartment to work in conjunction with the opening of your bathroom door? You should be so lucky! Still.....those tsunami evacuation routes might not be a bad idea.....

This month's favorite donation gives us a chance to remind our donors that The Sharehouse is happy to receive your donations of re-usable bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom accessories and furniture! We also accept partially used and new hygiene items and cleaners to help our client families set up that first bathroom in a new home!"

Many thanks to the donor of the above donation, and thanks again to all of you who loyally support us with your donations every year! Please call (206) 767-5280 if you would like to schedule a pick up for your larger furniture items.

Each month the Sharehouse will profile an unbelievably odd or wonderful donation here on our website--keep checking back to catch the changes and to see what's new!

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